What is this?

It’s a twice-weekly newsletter that parses the latest data about pregnancy, parenting and, yes, COVID-19.  It’s data and decision tools, spreadsheets, statistics, and phrases I invent like “Safety Turducken” and “Situational Fluency”. If this is your jam, you’re in the right place.

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To get the news first! Also, it’s free. So why not?

Who are you?

It’s a great question! Here’s one version: I’m a Professor of Economics at Brown University. I’m also an author of three books — Expecting Better, Cribsheet and The Family Firm. You can find everything about me here. Photo below.

And here’s the second version: I’m a mom of two kids who doesn’t sleep enough. I’m married to a great guy who puts up with all our business being turned into books and newsletters. I like to run. I think I’m funny but the kids do not. Here’s the photo for that version, from a time I mistakenly took a run with too many bugs.