Gone Fishing (Figuratively)

I’m on vacation!

I am on a much needed vacation from work. What am I doing right now?  

I might be listening to podcasts — my latest pick is One Year, from Slate, which is so, so good. 

Or I might be reading: The Premonition (I know, I know, maybe it’s too much COVID), The Other Black Girl, In Five Years, or Madhouse at the End of the Earth (this last is pretty specific to my tastes, since I really like polar exploration books).

And hopefully I will be engaged in some recreational cooking, like this gazpacho (excellent, almost no work) or possibly this peach cobbler (excellent, a lot of work). 

I will be back with new content on Monday. But meanwhile, for those of you who are new, or who do not open every email from me (WHAT?!), check out the newsletters below that you may have missed.




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