Happy New Year! A Review

Like many of you, I’m hoping for better things in 2021. A vaccine, a new administration, possibly even traveling somewhere in — gasp — an airplane.

For my own part, I’m looking forward to at some point doing a little less COVID writing, and getting a bit more back to what I hoped I’d be writing about here (new studies, pregnancy, parenting, econometrics). And Book 3 in August! None of this will happen right away, but slowly, slowly.

It’s been almost a year on this newsletter, for my year in review, here are the top 5 posts in terms of readership, in case you missed them.

  1. Grandparents & Day Care (5 step decision process, from May)

  2. Kids & Transmission (early post on kids & virus transmission, related to camp. Also May. Good month, May)

  3. Safety Turducken (layers of protection for possibly seeing family at holidays; November. Best title.)

  4. Vaccines. (How to understand them, what’s the deal, what’s mRNA, etc. December.) Bonus: here is the pregnancy edition of that discussion.

  5. Risk/Benefit Matrix (How to think about trade-offs & rank activities).