Happy Thanksgiving!

Tell me what you’re thinking

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re all enjoying whatever floats your boat: a brisk morning Turkey Trot, football games, spending time with family, eating more pie than you intended, and so on. This year, unlike last year, I’m headed to see my family and I can’t wait. My kids have been talking about my mom’s stuffing for 24 months (usually as part of a critical take on my own attempts), and there is a lot of excitement. I have only been permitted to contribute raw vegetables, but if I were making the turkey, I would make this, from Samin Nosrat. It’s so good that I even make it for non-Thanksgiving. 

We are also planning a Mancala tournament, which I’m hoping to win, although I have my eye on my brother Stephen as a significant threat. 

I wanted to take a moment before I start in on the pinot noir to, first, say a huge thank-you to all of you for all your support of the newsletter. Reading, sharing, emailing, commenting, subscribing, etc. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to do this. I’m also very grateful to the team who are now working with me — thank you, Katie and Rina — for making this newsletter so much better.

Second: I want to hear what’s on your mind. What are you excited about or grateful for? What are you worried about? What do you want to read more about in the newsletter (or less)? Comments are open for all, and have a wonderful day and weekend.

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