Welcome to my newsletter!

In 2010 I turned 30 and got pregnant (as one does).  And like a lot of women I found myself frustrated with the lack of data and evidence behind the pregnancy recommendations I was getting.  Over and over I found myself turning to my training as an economist to decipher what the data really said about my pregnancy choices - coffee, epidurals, weight gain and, yes, wine.

In 2013 I published a data-driven pregnancy guide called Expecting Better.  In 2019 I published a follow-up, called Cribsheet, taking the same data-driven approach to early childhood.  I was lucky enough that this second book hit the New York Times bestseller list.

It is now 2020 and apparently I’m 40. Just kidding, I’m actually still holding firm at 30. Anyway.

I’ve been looking for a way to stay more connected with my readers - to weigh in when some new study comes out (TV changes your baby’s white brain matter! Juice is evil!) - and to keep people updated about what I’m writing and reading, and where I’ll be if you’d like to meet in person.  

Hence, a newsletter!  It gets sent out every couple of weeks, with some combination of new data, new facts and new links.  The first “real” issue will drop in a couple of days. Stay tuned and meantime forward this to your friends so they can sign up!!