The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano: An Audio Book Post


I am a writer of non-fiction and, mostly, a reader of it too. The most recent books on my Kindle are mostly about fossils, drugs and polar exploration. [Also, all the Bridgerton books. Don’t judge.]

I think part of why I gravitate towards non-fiction is it is easy to consume in small chunks, and (usually) doesn’t compel me to stay up all night or ignore my children to finish a book. Which is what happened when I broke my usual reading pattern to read an early copy of The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano. The end of the book literally found me reading on my phone, crying, on a playground bench. My kids (blessedly) kept their tormenting of each other to a minimum.

This book is hard to describe. On the one hand, you could say it’s a book about a woman who doesn’t want to have children and what happens to her. On the other, you could say it’s an experiment with literary form. Or you could say it’s a meditation on the pressures society puts on women to be mothers, or not be, or be perfect ones. All would be sort of right, but incomplete.

The author, Donna Freitas, is herself hard to describe. She’s an professor, but also a writer, and her writing is fiction, non-fiction, young adult, middle grade. She is a Title IX advocate, a consultant, a teacher. Probably other stuff, too. Given all this, it seemed silly to recommend the book without talking to her. So, I give you my inimitable, bizarre, interview style. Check out the audio, or you can read the full transcript here.

Or just skip it, trust me, and buy the book. Just make sure you have some time blocked off.

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