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What do Claudia Goldin and Emily Ratajkowski Have in Common?

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Should My Kid Get an Allowance?

Baby Helmets

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Learning to Read: Why (Some) Schools Still Get It So Wrong


How Should I Use Rapid COVID Tests?

A Pre-Halloween Scare for Parents

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COVID Vaccines for Kids

Why You Should Surface Family Conflicts on Purpose

The Facts About Lead Exposure in Kids

COVID: When will it be "over"?

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I Had a Complicated Pregnancy: Will It Happen Again?


Screen Time, Revisited

Vaccine Efficacy by the Numbers

White Noise for Babies: Is It Dangerous?

Has the Pandemic Lowered Baby IQ?

Gone Fishing (Figuratively)

The (Business) Case for Doing Less

How Do I Think about Flying with Kids Now?

We Still Do Not Have the COVID Data We Need

Should I Give My Child Melatonin to Help Him Sleep?

How Should I Think about School & Child Care Now?

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Should I Redshirt my Kindergartener?

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Cytomegalovirus (CMV) in Pregnancy

Can Babies Have Salt?

Feeling Uncertain and Unsettled

Sleep Training: Is it Bad?

Family Planning: Biting Toddler

Kids and the Delta Variant: Should you Act Differently?

RSV: What is it and Should I Worry?

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Family Planning: Unvaccinated Relatives

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COVID Choices & Case Rate Cutoffs

Coffee Definitely Either Kills You or Makes You Live Forever

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Tylenol in Pregnancy and ADHD


Bonus Post: Announcing The COVID School Data Hub

Expecting Better, New Edition! Plus: Cannabis in Pregnancy

Family Planning: Unmasked Offices

Swim Lessons, Pool Fencing and Water Safety

Wearing Masks Outside

After Birth

A Plea to the CDC, and Forever Chemicals in Breastmilk

Interview with Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, on Kids & Vaccines

Power (the Statistical Kind)

Do I need a $1500 Robot Bassinet?

The New Mask Guidelines from CDC... and Kids

Baby Led Weaning, Choking and High Chairs

New Data on Pregnancy and Vaccines

Mom Genes and Other Parent Science: A Book Post

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What To Do if You Find a Tick on Your Child

Long Term COVID Risks in Kids

Back Sleeping & SIDS: New Research

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Vaccine Hesitancy: The Next Frontier

Readers on Gas, Breastfeeding Antibodies and an Apology

Gas Stoves, Finally

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Kids, Infants & Long Term Impacts

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Vaccines, Kids & A Refresher on the Five Step Decision System

Case Rates, Positivity and Tracking the Pandemic

COVID Explained Joins Covid Act Now!

COVID Break-ish: Discipline

Post-Vaccine Behavior: Can I go Wild?

Antigen Testing: Guest Post with Michael Mina

Do Trackers Make you Walk More?

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