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It's an End of Year Round-Up

Q&A: The tripledemic, lead in chocolate, winter swims, and fevers

Four New Studies on Pregnancy That Didn't Get the Attention They Deserve

Wins, Woes, and Making Friends

Breast Milk Storage

Q&A: kids and coffee, screens, underwater hockey, and strep

When Should You Brush Your Teeth?

Wins, Woes, and Brushing Teeth

One Thing: Getting Kids to Eat

Q&A: Crosswalks, placental encapsulation, Flonase, NIPT, and more

What's Wrong With Parenting in America—and How to Fix It

Wins, Woes, and Waiting

Where Does Data Come From?

Q&A: Fluoride, newborn accessories, alcohol, and dealing with pushback

How Much Aerobic Exercise Is Safe During Pregnancy?

Wins, Woes, and Exhaustion

New Guidance for Mastitis

Stuffing and Giving Thanks

Wins, Woes, and Babysitters

From the Archive: Are Pacifiers Good, Bad, or Meh?

Q&A: Pre-Thanksgiving Extravaganza

How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant?

Wins, Woes, and No Right Answers

How to Protect Against Illness This Holiday Season

Q&A: Sound machines, turkey, breastfeeding, and more

Four Recent Studies on Kids You Probably Missed

Wins, Woes, and Feeling Lost

One Thing: Homework and Dinner

Q&A: Caffeine in pregnancy, nipple piercings, intensive parenting, and more

A New Study on Uterine Cancer and the Makena Recall

Studies Show Kids in Costumes Are 100% Adorable

What's the Deal With Vasectomies?

Did We Get Our Kids to Eat?

Why Are We All So Sick?

Wins, Woes, and Choosing a Doctor

How to Get Kids to Eat Their Lunches

Q&A: Eggs and teething, cold medicines and milk supply, television censorship, and more

Should You Get the Bivalent Booster?

Wins, Woes, and Leaving the House

Are Super Shoes That Super?

Q&A: Newborn visitors, infertility, beer, and petting zoos

Pinworms, Lice, and Itching

Wins, Woes, and Waking Up

Pandemic Baby Developmental Delays

Q&A: Food, tongue-tie, boosters, and nipple shields

Should You Worry About Zika?

Wins, Wins, and more Wins

Is Montessori School Better?

Q&A: Birth spacing, hot tubs, pooping on the floor, and more

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Wins, Woes, and Quiet

The Facts About Stillbirth

Ask Me Anything

The Limits of Data

Wins, Woes, and Hacks

Tylenol, Pregnancy, and That New Lawsuit

Q&A: Co-sleeping, Polio, Breastfeeding, and Class Size

Pandemic Test Score Declines

Wins, Woes, and Starting Solids

How to Talk to Kids About Sex

Ask Me Anything

A Remembrance of My Mother

Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) for Allergies

Back to School Q&A: Redshirting, School Ratings, Reading, and Montessori

Is Homework Important?

Wins, Woes, and Preschool

(Re)Creating School for Every Child

Q&A: Follow-Up Questions on Vitamins

Is Crawling Important?

Wins, Woes, and Beautiful Complexity

Antidepressants, Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding

Ask Me Anything

One Thing: Sleep

Wins, Woes, and Doing It Again

Updated CDC Guidelines for School and Child Care

Q&A: Food Allergies, Puberty, Social Media, and Pools

Your Questions, Your Advice

Wins, Woes, and Travel without Kids

Vitamins Are (Mostly) Pointless

Ask Me Anything

Hot Dogs, Pregnancy, and Empirical Methods

Wins, Woes, and Second Kids

One Thing: A Family Firm Series

Q&A: Puddle Jumpers, Underpants, Womb Optimizations, and More

Parechovirus and Monkeypox

Wins, Woes, and Twins

Should You Worry About EMFs and Radio-Frequency Fields?

Ask Me Anything

Labor Induction, Vaccines and Periods, and More on ECVs

Wins, Woes, and Surviving

COVID Reinfections

Q&A: Juice, Swimming While Pregnant, Nudity, and More

Are Disney Princesses Ruining Your Daughter?

Wins, Woes, and Finding Hope

Understanding Gun Violence

Ask Me Anything!

Study: Video Games Make Kids Smarter

New AAP Guidelines on Breastfeeding and Safe Sleep

Q&A: Freeze-drying Milk, Dr. Pepper, Circumcision, and Disney While Pregnant

Cocomelon and Balance Bikes

Wins, Woes, and Food Fights

Follow-up Q&A: Your Top Vaccine Questions

An Under-5 Vaccine Decision Framework

Seeking your thoughts on later pregnancies

Gone Fishing (Figuratively)

Wins, Woes, and Biting

All Kids Are Math Kids

Q&A: Colds, Heat, and Sex

Under 5 Vaccines: FDA Decides, I dig into the data

Wins, Woes, and Maternity Leave

Talking About Death With Small Children

More Studies on Coffee

Thank you, and Time 100

“I’m At A Loss”

Breech Delivery, External Versions, and More

Q&A: Boosters, Ticks, and More

Three Books You Might Really, Really Need

“I Ate Diamonds and Gold for Lunch!”

Reinfection and Long COVID

SIDS Prevention Follow-up

Grief, Anger, Fear

Wins, Woes, and SPF

How to Think About the "Motherhood Penalty"

Q&A: Reusing Formula, Pain Tolerance, and More

Breast Is Best? Breast Is Better? Breast Is About the Same?

Your Parenting Wins and Woes

New Study on SIDS Is Not What the Media Says It Is

Intermittent Fasting Fail

Update on COVID Vaccines for Kids

Your Parenting Wins and Woes

Gentle Parenting

Ask ParentData

Pediatric Hepatitis Outbreak

Your Parenting Wins and Woes

Nasty, Brutish, and Short

A Video Interview with Dr. Lucy McBride

Low-Dose Aspirin in Pregnancy

Your Parenting Wins and Woes

COVID Fear and COVID Shame

Ask ParentData

How to Start Solids

Your Parenting Wins and Woes

How Society Fails Parents

Follow-Up: Metformin in Women

Pelvic Health with the Vagina Whisperer

New Study on Alcohol Consumption and Heart Disease

Ask ParentData

CDC Early Childhood Guidance

Diabetes Medication and Birth Defects

More on Facebook and Mental Health

Night Terrors

How to Cook So Your Kids (Might) Eat

Ask ParentData

COVID-19 School Data Hub

Labor Induction and C-Section

Roundup: Blast from the Past

Pediatric COVID Vaccines

Diet and Breastfeeding

Ask ParentData

Pregnancy COVID Updates

Should My Kid Have Social Media?

More on the CDC Developmental Milestones

Can I Use Botox when I’m Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Talking about Hard Things with Kids

Ask ParentData

My School or Child Care Is Going Mask-Optional, and I’m Afraid

New Developmental Milestones from the CDC

Roundup: COVID

Lots of Studies Are Bad

Marriage Happiness Declines with Children

No Pediatric Vaccine Review For Now

A ParentData Refresher

Baby Poop

Does Pre-K Really Hurt Future Test Scores?

Does My Kid Need a Bath?

Ask ParentData

I Had COVID. Am I Done Now?

Race in Children’s Books

Rapid-Fire Reader Questions

Diabetes, Kids, and COVID

Roundup: Pregnancy Updates

Anxious? You Are Not Alone

Prenatal Test False Positives

Diets and Data

We Need Better Data from Hospitals for Omicron