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Q&A: Early induction, developmental milestones, screen time, and electric shock

What Does Matter for Childhood Outcomes?

Disability and Parenthood

Q&A: Lifting while pregnant, drinking and the two-week wait, and more

Everything You Need to Know About Poop

How Do You Navigate Major Life Transitions?

How to Weigh the Risks of Social Media

Q&A: Postpartum smells, sperm and gender, breastfeeding, and secondhand marijuana smoke

How Often Do Kids Get Sick?

How Do You Parent with Different Beliefs?

Baby Gear and the Environment

Q&A: Picky eaters, COVID vaccines, poison ivy, and adding rice cereal to baby formula

How Accurate Are Fundal Height Measurements?

How Do You Set Boundaries With Family?

Let’s Talk Puberty

Q&A: Tylenol and vaccination, periods, car seat mirrors, and preemies

What Are Seed Oils, And Are They Bad For You?

What Are Your Parenting Fails?

How Much Should Parents Help Their Kids With School?

Q&A: Halloween candy, sodium, breastfeeding and colon cancer, and placenta previa

Better Know Your Menstrual Products

What Was Your Postpartum Recovery Like?

Parenting Through Divorce

Breastfeeding and COVID, egg quality, kitchen sponges, and preschool

Is Day Care Bad for Children?

Should I Ask My Child Permission To Take Their Photo?

An Owner's Manual for Breasts

Q&A: When to wash hands, mom brain, anesthesia during c-sections, and late walkers

I Hit My Head and Learned Three Lessons

How Do You Teach Your Son to Take on Equal Work?

Introducing Allergens

Q&A: Baby Brezza, sleep training, Pitocin, and girls’ sports

White Noise and Developmental Delays

Should I Teach My Kids Another Language?

How to Baby-Proof Your Relationship

Q&A: Shapewear in pregnancy; dressing babies for the cold; night nursing; and more

Your Guide to Vaccines During Pregnancy and Early Childhood

Should You Have Another Child?

High-Achieving Kids

Q&A: Lavender and hormones, IVF, spray tans, and stomach sleeping

Stress In Pregnancy

How Do You Deal With Pressure?

Coming Soon: The ParentData Podcast

Q&A: Low libido, environmental sex determination, high-lipase milk, and shellfish

Is Cancer Really on the Rise Among Younger Adults?

Wins, Woes, and Grandparents

Why Kids Get So Many Ear Infections

Q&A: Colic, weaning, nonstress tests, and blinking

What's Going On With COVID?

Can You Be a Good Partner and a Parent?

One Thing to Make Parenting Easier

Q&A: Poppy seeds and drug tests, egg retrieval, VBACs, and autism in siblings

Can You Really Make Your Baby Smarter By Eating a Mediterranean Diet?

Wins, Woes, and Poop Accidents

New RSV Prevention for Babies and Toddlers

Q&A: Twins, BHT, ultrasound safety, and postpartum depression

Why You Should Test for Anemia

Can You Care Equally About Your Kids and Career?

Competing With Your Younger Self

Q&A: Car stickers, COVID, Tdap vaccine, and autism signs

Is Homeschooling Worth It?

Wins, Woes, and the Early Years

Data Literacy for Parenting

Q&A: Seltzer, breastfeeding vs. pumping, fetal measurements, and high altitudes

Zuranolone and Postpartum Depression

Does Your Child Prefer One Parent?

Total Responsibility Transfer

Q&A: Kid music, labor duration, lightning, pregnancy weight gain

Everything You Need to Know About Hand, Foot, and Mouth

What's Your Biggest Joy This Summer?

Is Aspartame Really Linked to Cancer?

Q&A: When routines matter, induction, organic mattresses, and the frozen fruit recall

The Best Potty Training Advice

Does Your Child Play with Fake Weapons?

Your Postpartum Support Team

Q&A: Migraine meds in pregnancy, chemicals in tap water, and more

Schools Usually Call Moms

We’re Mixing It Up!

Q&A: 37-week induction, vaccines, risks from multiple C-sections, and breast milk storage

Random Acts of Data

Wins, Woes, and Parenting with Chronic Illness

Three Big Changes in Pregnancy Data

Q&A: Noise levels, gas stoves, blackout curtains, and breastfeeding

Why You Might Want a Doula

Is There a Link Between BMI and Health?

Q&A: Wildfire smoke, decongestants while breastfeeding, and bedtime routines

What We Lose When We Find Parenthood

Wins and Woes from our LGBTQIA+ Community

Gone Fishing

Q&A: Prenatal vitamins, car seat sensors, kid leashes, and egg donation

Eczema and What to Do About It

Paternal Postpartum Depression

Q&A: Artificial turf, baby monitors, smoking while breastfeeding, and pinworms

Everything You Need to Know About Febrile Seizures

Wins, Woes, and “Overly” Affectionate Children

Representation in Children's Books

Q&A: Baby vs. breast pump, day care absenteeism, the best diapers, and hacking hormones

How to Manage Your Family's Relationship With Social Media and Smartphones

Wins, Woes, and Parental Leave

How To Travel With Kids

Q&A: Postpartum hair loss, sleep, potty training, and food safety

You Are Invited to Try PregnantData

Your Child May Not Be Getting Enough Sleep

RSV and Vaccines

Q&A: Smartphones and mental health, premature births, baby decor, and ant poison

The Best Baby Items — And the Worst

Wins and Woes from our AAPI Community

Ozempic, Wegovy, and Data

Q&A: Standardized tests, CMV risks, understanding multiple miscarriages, and active shooter drills

No Option Is Completely Safe

Happy Mom Moments


Q&A: Tattoos, COVID boosters, overnight potty training, and baby socks

Is Red Food Dye Dangerous?

Wins, Woes, and Colic

Are Wearable Trackers Worth It?

Q&A: Daycare, gestational diabetes, baby Einsteins, and strep

The Data on Kids and Probiotics

Wins, Woes, and Alone Time

Ticks, Lyme Disease in Kids, and a Possible Vaccine

Q&A: Marijuana and breastfeeding, swaddling, pregnancy tests, and air conditioning

Secondary Infertility—And What to do About It

Wins, Woes, and Boogers

How to Talk to Kids About Diets, Weight, and Food

Q&A: Cleft palate, balanced parenting, car seats, and head trauma

What to Do When What's Best Is Impossible

Wins, Woes, and “The Old You”

How to Lower Your Risk of CMV in Pregnancy

Health Literacy and Equity

The Crisis in Black Maternal Mortality

Black Maternal Health Is Maternal Health

Ask Emily: Pelvic floor therapy, formula brands, antihistamines, and inverting

How to Parent Through Difficult Life Moments

Wins, Woes, and Parenting After Separation

How Important Is Paternity Leave?

Ask Emily: Medications during pregnancy, blended families, weight lifting, and trying not to conceive

Do Artificial Sweeteners Cause Heart Attacks? What About the Pill and Breast Cancer?

Wins, Woes, and Why Won't This Winter's Viruses End Already?!

Does Magnesium Improve ADHD Symptoms?

Q&A: Breast pump contamination, heavy drinking, donor milk, and extracurriculars

Are Newborn Wake Windows Real?

Wins, Woes, and Contact Naps

When to Get a Mammogram

Q&A: Organic food, BMI, C-sections, and knuckle cracking

What's Behind the Decline in Teen Mental Health?

Wins, Woes, and Screaming

Why I Look at Data Differently

Q&A: Tradeoffs, tummy time, stress, and baths in pregnancy

Panic Headlines: Alcohol Changes Face Shape, Induction Lowers IQ

Wins, Woes, and Recipes

Telling the Truth About Marriage with Young Kids

Q&A: Mom pressure, ear tubes, sleepovers, and baby sign language

A Deep Dive into Phthalates

Wins, Woes, and Kid #2

From the Archive: Your Best Parenting Advice

Q&A: Frozen embryos, third-hand smoke, miscarriage, left-handedness, and stretching

Labor Positions

Wins, Woes, and Autism

COVID-19: Where to Go from Here

Q&A: R-rated movies, Adderall in pregnancy, chiropractors, and stomach binding

Panic Headlines: A New Series

Your Sex Lives After Kids

Q&A: Deodorant, menstruation, preconception, and waking up newborns

ADHD Diagnoses in Children

Wins, Woes, and Ambition

New AAP Guidelines on Childhood Obesity

Q&A: Background TV, choking, bottles, herbal tea, and long poops

From the Archive: Do I Need a $1,700 Robot Bassinet?

Wins, Woes, and Body Love

Prenatal Testing Deep Dive

Q&A: NICU, deployment, nail dryers, and sex positions

Alcohol and Health

Wins, Woes, and the Earliest Weeks

Fevers 101

Q&A: Hypertension, room sharing, sperm, and nose blowing

Should Adults Nap?

Wins, Woes, and Warming Up

What To Do About Chronic Constipation

Q&A: Pets, languages, pregnancy complications, and playground accidents

Gas Stoves and Asthma

Wins, Woes, and Contemplating Parenthood

Puberty, Postpartum, and Adaptation

Q&A: Preeclampsia, portion size, conception, and iron

There’s No Secret Option C

Wins, Woes, and Changing Diapers

Is There a Best Method for Sleep Training?